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tv   News 7 at 11  ABC  August 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> they've been yelling "help" and "hello." >> it was incredible the amount of water. >> and the water still rising. people still trapped. houston issuing a nationwide s.o.s. >> plus, tropical stor
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diverting planes. a passenger left in limbo. announcer: now, abc7 news at 11:00 on your side. >> tonight, a picture of devastation, neighborhoods under water, the images flowing in all day. or reporter starts off our team coverage from houston. reporter: rescues continue in the dark of night here in houston. >> don't worry, we've got you. reporter: by sected by records, america's third largest city is in crisis. >> we need help in fifth ward. we need people here to evacuate people. get people here now before they die. reporter: the 911 system overrun, 56,000 calls in just 16 hours. many people say they can't even get through. houston's mayor is asking for patience. >> this is pretty much like day two. th
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there will be day four and there may be day five. >> first responders are working around the clock desperately trying to keep up with the cries for help. >> memories that get taken away by something that you don't expect. but i mean, it's all materialistic stuff. reporter: she was grateful to be plucked from the water. she said she was stranded without a place to go. >> they said there would be buses. we were just sitting there in the rain just waiting for somebody to take us. that's when peter came to rescue us. >> i've been cooped up at my home watching you guys. i said, you know what, i'm abled body, i might as well ask someone if there's anything i can do, so i drove down there. >> he is our
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eporter: more than 400 billion tons of weafert has been dumped in -- water has been dumped in houston. reporting from houston, lana zach, abc news. reporter: roads are turning into rivers. the rising water chased thousands of people right to their roof top. we're tracking rain. ut molly, it will be nothing with what texas is dealing with. kimberly: a band of rainfall setting up shop in houston. so certainly more rain on the way for houston. by the time it's all said and done, an additional 15 to 25 inches on top of what they've received. heading into the gulf of mexico and taking a track back to houston before it kicks out of the texas region.
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devastating floods. meanwhile, we turn our attention to the eastern coastline. this little disturbance could become what's next on our list for naming systems in the atlantic. it would be tropical storm irma. we expect to get that name and take a track along the carolina coast. already have tropical storm watches in effect right now. we're talking details on what could be irma, a impact knelt the d.c. area. kimberly: the national weather service is calling harvey unprecedented and beyond anything experienced. another danger in the sky, the threat of tornadoes and sonia joins live with a closer look of what's happening outside of houston. what are you seeing tonight? reporter: well, kimberly, i'm seeing what so many other texans are seeing, rising
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and i'm seeing very nervous homeowners checking up on the river that's right behind me to see how much it's rising. here, they're under a volunteer evacuation. after what's going on in houston, all of those heroing rescues. we've seen stories of dozens of elderly residents, some of them in wheelchairs and some of them with oxygen tanks and water up to their chest finally getting rescued. we're seeing helicopters trying to save people from their roof tops and we're seeing the u.s. coast guard setting up emergency numbers for people to call other than calling 911 and telling them to stand on their roof top, put up s.o.s. with blankets or towels. windy situation here. lots of rain and still, no end in sight in terms of rain, in terms of the storm which is still lurking
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kimberly: we see the wind behind you. re you ok? sonia: we still have bands of arvey going over us. forecasters think that it could come and make a second landfall. but it's the fact that harvey could suck up some more moisture and dump more of that back on to texas and also louisiana. it may seem like harvey is done after being down graded from a cat four hurricane down to a tropical storm but with all this wind and rain still not over yet. kimberly: officials are saying it's unpress dened. the president has sent out several tweets on rescue efforts. plans are in the works for a tuesday visit right
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around the houston area yet again. torrential rain shut down two major airports. several planes were diverted to our area. kevin is in the dulles international airport. kevin, you've seen a lot of passengers in limbo today. compare that y, to 100. and that was the line for houston passengers. united decided to divert many of its large jets here at dulles because there are so many alternative booking options. but the process was timely and tedious. every person in this line, carting around the suitcase, end of story. >> we're in d.c. kevin: the issue houston's two international airports under water.
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hub at george bush intercontinental diverted two planes. beau wue nose airs, lima and soo paolo put passengers in total limbo. these men heading to a krispy kreme convention and while these two are trying to make it home to manila. >> everything got screwed up because of the hurricane. >> i'm supposed to go to work tomorrow but they'll understand. >> sisters christine and victoria flying from lima to calgary. >> they said this is your one option. we're going to the marriott which we got and $30 whole dollars. >> here we are. nice long line looking for an option. >> most like ryan mclaurin staying positive. >> it could be worse. i could be stuck in south america. at least i'm back in the united states. i'll figure it out
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kevin: and at this hour, houston and george bush airports remain close with some reports of passengers trapped in terminals own there. kimberly: the situation in texas might have an effect on gas prices. ri analyst -- industry analysts will determine how much that will jump and also a serge in demand in labor day as millions of americans will hit the roads. now, you can get the latest updates on harvey any time and on our local forecast no matter where you are. all you have o do is download that storm warn weather app for the forecast at your fingertips. breaking news right now, a second person has been pulled from the potomac river near key bridge. let's take a live look at the scene right now as crews are
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another person was pulled from the river earlier and was take on the the hospital in critical condition. we know at least two people might have been in the river. we don't have the details as to why they were in it. at least one of them had to be rescued. as we get more information, we'll bring that to you. new at 11:00, the navy has recovered the remains of all 10 sailors missing from the u.s.s. john s. mccain. among the dead are kevin bushell of gaithersburg and timothy eckls of manchester, maryland. it was a week ago that it collided with an oil tanker in singapore. the coast card has suspended its search for a 40-year-old man nases man. crews were searching the potomac river. the man disappeared when his boat capsized on saturday. one of the boaters was able to swim back to shore, we are told. traffic alert for you if you use beach
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beach drive will be closed to everyone including pedestrians between park and till don street northwest and joyce road. beach drive south of that low collation be reopened after being closed if for past year for reconstruction. coming up on abc7 news at 11:00. calling if change. hundreds make their voices heard during a town hall about the recent violence in charlottesville. their fierce, their frustration. and answering the call for help. a virginia rescue team on the way to houston as well as a maryland rescue team all for the flooding victims there. plus, this -- >> certainly what we do is an environmental risk but we're here to risk to save lives. kimberly: that's the maryland team hea
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announcer: you're watching abc7 news at 11:00 on your side. kimberly: we've been talking about charlottesville for weeks now. there are new developments tonight. hundreds of people spoke out during an hour's long town hall this afternoon. that gat erring came two weeks after a violent white
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nationalist rally. the mayor police chief and local leaders answered questions and listened to people's fear and frustration. >> the city is thinking that it's a city problem, then that's never going to get fixed. >> i'm an older woman now. i can't run. i'm not scared to fight. i'm not scared to talk. but i want to feel safe in this town because -- kimberly: tomorrow it's the 54th anniversary of the historic march in washington. more than 1,000 leaders will rally at the martin luther king memorial before marching to the department of justice. organizers say that highlights the president's lack of moral leadership. new tonight, president trump will ban the military surplus equipment to local police. this change means that police department can get armored vehicle, high caliber weapons
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happening now, the two teams from our area are on their way to tox help with the devastating flooding there. 14 members of the virginia task force one are driving 20 hours to houston as cameras were rolling as they packed up. the swift water rescue team got the call from fema this morning. >> we want to make sure we can help the people. get them the fema resources they needed and help evacuate if that comes about. kimberly: and the virginia team is expected to be in texas for about two weeks. the other team on their way to people from texas is maryland, the maryland task force one was called by fema. q mccrea spent time with them as they were loading up. reporter: when duty call there is's no time to waste especially when thousands of flood victims need
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us as a community to be helping another community. q: fema gave the order to head out. >> we all are trained to deal with these situations. q: the downpour hasn't stopped. more than 45 inches of rain is expected to fall in the lone star state by thursday. most of texas's southern coast is already under water. that's where this highly trained team of first responders come into play. >> these 20 folks, we're ready. they have everything prepared. q: take a look for yourself. every one of these bags belong to a crew member. they've been packed for days. and in each one of these bags there's enough equipment to sustain them for up to two weeks. >> two big rigs are packed with essentials as well. they're also taking six rescue boats. >> we want to get there. we want to be able to remove someone who may be trapped in an attic. trapped on a roof top. they have a 24-hour drive ahead of them and are ready for any and everything. >>er
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environmental risk but we're ere to risk to save lives. q: q mccray abc7 news. kimberly: impact felt from harvey in the houston area under and nado watch local time, this red line sbocks a tornado warning in effect until about 10:30 local. rain is reaching about four inches per hour. and in addition, we're watching a disturbance off the eastern coastline right near the charleston area. it doesn't look like much right now but this could be our next tropical storm irma likely to develop overnight. it's scooting on by the carolina coast as we head into monday morning and taking a little bit of a dive off to see. so that's definitely a good thing. however, impacts will be
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along the eastern coastline in the way of heavy rainfall, gusty winds and rip currents. if you're planning that last-minute vacation to the carolina coast, impacts are definitely going to be felt. partly cloudy skies. temperatures back into the 50's. off to our west, 60's in d.c. so another comfortable night coming up. as you send the kids to the bus stop, we have fairfax and prince .illiam county starting the temperature will be 73, mid 70's by the time you head home and under mostly cloudy skies. check thought disturbance what could be tropical storm irma bringing in that heavier rainfall. wilmington up to moorehead city. tuesday looks like a better chance for rainfall. have the rain gear ready. that is look at l
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tuesday afternoon. certainly some heavier pockets of rain along this area. not only the rain but also some gusty winds. some of the peak rain gusts expected to hit 50 miles per hour. for d.c. topping out about 25 miles per hour for tuesday evening. by the time we head into wednesday, should start to clear out. notice those temperatures as whelm we're talking in the mid 60's about 10 degrees below average for the early half of the week. thursday, friday looking good with sun sines back in the low 80's. labor day weekend forecast for now a little bit of a chance for a shower on sunday. a forecast will monitor very closely. but it doesn't look like a washout. robert, over to you. robert: it was ugly but the red skinds -- redskins did get the win.
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robert: and the redskins do leave fedex stadium with a win. but it wasn't pretty. kirk cousins had some issues. down 7-3. picked off by burr fect. takes us bier fect. takes us down the sideline. the score 14-3. the offense finally clicked thanks to rob kelly. 57 yards including one-yard plunge. 13-14 at the half. start of the fourth quarter, cousins out. colt mccoy in. finds cary for a win. 27-15. the redskins win this one 23-17, a mixed bag to say the least after this game. >> i like the way we bounced back. you know, that's part of pro football. we're not going to have everything go our way the whole time. we're going to have some adversity and how we handle it is going to be how good we're going to be. we
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touchdown. that's pretty good stuff >> you don't want to be paper chance. we really look good on paper. you want to go out there and work. you know, you can't be satisfied -- i know it's preseason but you want to -- we want to start fast. are we'll start watching the philly film and get ready. so, you know, we've got two weeks or whatever it is. and, you know, we need to come away with a w especially at home. big opportunity for us. robert: mark gray, 106.7. we'll talk redskins, bengals, that and much more 11:35 right here on abc7. and finally, mets with a double-header. those highlights also on sports sunday. stick up with us and don't go to bed with us as you say, right? kimberly: we won't. we won't. still to come, another live repo
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kimberly: we want to get back to the devastation in texas. this thing has echos of hurricane katrina from 2005. we're hearing about neighborhoods under water. landa joins us. we saw an alert that a levy is expected to break. do you think people are going to finally take the evacuation request for seriously? landa: well, part of what i've heard from people is real frustration that there hasn't been a formal evacuation request. folks here in houston got conflicting messages from their
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governor abbott told people on friday that he would get out of houston if he still lived here. where as the mayor told people to shelter in place and not to evacuate. people questioning whether the mayor's advice was a good one. you mentioned those levees. you heard another government official tell people in a residential neighborhood that levee will break some time tonight and urging them to leave their homes. it is in the middle of the night. they don't have a way to get to safety. so the best that the city official could recommend to them is that they move to a neighbor's house that is slightly up the hill. it is a chaotic fluctuating situation, kimberly. kimberly: thanks for the latest. we need to return to breaking news here in our area from the potomac river. a second person has been pulled from the potomac near the keel bridge. you're taking a live look at the scene
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the river earlier and was take on the the hospital in critical condition. this is actually videotape from earlier. as we get more information we'll bring it to you. but we did talk to one of our reporters, q mccray. he talked to a sister-in-law of the victim that died. the victim had been drinking and fell into the water. this is coming from a family member not coming from officials. again, we know two people jumped or fell into the potomac river and two have been pulled out. at least one optized in critical condition
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